About Us

My name is Däna (pronounced "Donna") Wilkinson, and I've been a bankruptcy lawyer for 20 years. I went to law school at the University of South Carolina, worked for two bankruptcy judges, and practiced for a number of years with bankruptcy boutique firms. In fact, I've never practiced any other kind of law.

I'm also certified as a bankruptcy specialist by the South Carolina Supreme Court, which means that I've taken and passed a proficiency examination on bankruptcy law, devoted my practice primarily to bankruptcy for a number of years, and have continued to take classes on bankruptcy law and related issues.

In 1998, I opened my own practice, focused on representing ordinary people who find themselves overwhelmed by debt. I still enjoy the work, and I like the freedom of being my own boss. One benefit of that is that it allows me to focus on the needs of my clients, and craft an approach that is based on what is important to them. I don't have a "one size fits all" mentality about what is best for my clients. My goal is to advise my clients of the options they have to deal with their financial difficulties, and whenever possible help them make a fresh start.